This incredible robot spider with augmented reality is the toy we’ve been waiting for

Earlier this year we met during CES in Las Vegas to MekaMon, an attractive toy with three years of development gathered robotics, gaming and augmented reality in a single product, but back then seeking financing to make their project a reality , Something that they have finally obtained, reason why the incredible robotic spiders of battle already are almost ready to go on sale.

robot spider

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MekaMon: Robot + gaming + augmented reality

MekaMon is a spider robot that is controlled through a smartphone through an app where the attractive part is the function of augmented reality that we will see over the phone, where our spider will face in various battles, dodging missiles, lasers , And all kinds of virtual enemies.

The toy has three game modes : ‘Mekamon Universe’, which is the story mode battles; ‘Dropzone’, where they will teach us to control our robot and its various functions; And finally ‘Arcade’, which is the mode of battles where we will have to fight hordes of enemies trying to get the best score.

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Inside we will find Arcade also battle mode, where we can fight a friend with his own spider robot, only here there will be augmented reality because we have other options that will make the battles are made more interesting. For example, we will be able to equip our spider with weapons (sold separately), so that during the fight we gain points and raise the level, which will give us access to new weapons and abilities.

This robotic spider has a rechargeable battery that promises an hour of autonomy under intensive use, its price will be $ 329, but if we want the “Ultimate Battle Pack” that includes two spiders with special abilities, we will have to pay $ 599. Reach Robotics is the company responsible for MekaMon and the first 500 robots will come in a limited edition in January 2017, and until June will be available for general sale.

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