HTC Vive: The fuller the VR goggles can buy in April for $799

Just as expected, the HTC Vive hit the market with the spring, particularly this next April. HTC has confirmed at MWC 2016, which also indicated that the price would be $799.

The virtual reality goggles that have most liked the tested so far can be booked from the next 29 February. Then the wait will be long because the combination of HTC and Valve with this HTC Vive promises a complete VR experience. In addition, we do not mean to say, we have tested.

HTC Vive

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HTC Vive: The complete pack of virtual reality

Along with the price and availability, HTC has offered details of the final characteristics of his glasses lives. The version that will be offered in stores for consumers carry everything needed for complete VR experience. Have glasses (called HMD), the chamber (1.5 and 5 MP) for mapping the room and our own body, and wireless VR controllers to introduce more actively on the experience of virtual reality, which will what makes the difference with other solutions such as Oculus.

Another element of the package is the base and the link box that wirelessly connect computers and glasses. HTC also have emphasized that the engines have been improved.

Regarding the recommended PC configuration, the need remains to at least one GeForce GTX 970, a Core i5, 4 GB of RAM and HDMI 1.4 port. With Live Tab will have access to the dashboard of Steam and precisely this integration SteamVR in the package ensures subsequent updates of the platform?

In addition to backing from Valve, HTC Vive is one of the most complete options VR staff including two wireless controllers series

The helmet includes some modifications to improve ergonomics and finish of the product. The most important is that of the headband, with more stability and balance for a new design and the built-in microphone that was added.

The other specifications were already known. The HTC Vive is a pair with two screens of 1200×1080-pixel resolution each, aspect ratio 9: 5 and a refresh rate of 90 fps. The brightness has increased compared to the commercial version we saw the prototype of the CES.

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For at all times the position of the head with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees, the VR helmet includes gyroscope, accelerometer and laser position sensor placed on a base that maps the stage where we are moving.

Isolate virtual world from the real world

HTC has often stressed the release of the final consumer version of their lives in to be in virtual reality does not have to be at odds with staying in the real world. Its technology Vive Phone Services to receive and answer calls, messages or check the calendar without removing the helmet Vive. All it passes through the integrated viewer.

Regarding the games and experiences that come along with the launch of HTC Vive will be about 40, including two games included in the pack: Job Simulator Owlchemy Labs (we will have to learn what it was like working manually), and Fantastic Contraption for Northway Games (on an island covered with ice you have to build a giant machine).

HTC support to your system will be strengthened by the push that searches various developers to create content that can take advantage and make attractive technology that put on the market. The sectors with the agreements with HTC are basically entertainment, design, education, automotive and health care.

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