What is a Catalyst 9000 Switch, and How Does it Work?

If you’re unfamiliar with Catalyst switches, you should start with an overview of the product’s features and benefits. Here, you’ll learn about the switch’s pricing and features and how to manage and customize it. To do so, use a secure shell, telnet, or serial console. These devices also support SNM (Simple Network Management Protocol), allowing you to monitor and measure traffic flow.

Catalyst 9000 Series Switches

The Catalyst 9000 Series is the next generation of enterprise LAN switches. Catalyst 9000 switching advanced features include end-to-end security and automation. In addition, its latest models are twice as fast and double the capacity of their predecessors. 

These switches are designed to meet the power requirements of IoT and UPoE+ devices. They can also help secure the entire access network. In addition, they provide a DevOps tool for implementing applications and simplifying network operations. These new features are just a few of the many benefits of the Catalyst 9000 Series Switches. The next generation of networking technology is a step ahead.


The Catalyst 9000 family is the foundation of the Digital Network Architecture. With security, mobility, cloud, and IoT in mind, these switches provide superior network performance and advanced security features. In addition to providing the highest PoE density in the industry, the 9000 series also supports uplinks of increased bandwidth. However, despite its superior features and functionality, you should know a few shortcomings before investing in a Catalyst 9000 switch.

The Catalyst 9000 switch features include programmable UADP ASIC, x86 CPU with OPEN IOS-XE pre-installed, built-in RFID capabilities, and a large, highly-secured hardware design. These new features improve security and simplify network management while reducing vulnerabilities and simplifying operations. In addition, these new models are much easier to manage and configure than older Catalyst switches.


With Catalyst 9000 switches, businesses can automate more tasks in less time. They can automate mundane day-to-day operations, freeing IT resources to perform creative work. Powered by the UADP ASIC, these switches are constantly evolving to meet new customer demands. 

Enhanced threat analysis: These switches can identify hidden threats to your network and help enterprises host their private cloud networks. 

Cloud and mobile connectivity: Catalyst 9000 switches support the most up-to-date, highly available UPoE. These switches are built to withstand the demands of data-intensive applications for years to come.

Advanced security features: With Catalyst 9000 series switches, you can quickly implement your network’s most effective security solutions. They are fully programmable, support NETCONF / YANG scripting, and feature the latest encryption technology. In addition, Catalyst 9000 switches have advanced security capabilities, including support for Trustworthy Systems, segmentation and micro-segmentation, and Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA).


Pricing for the Catalyst 9000 switch is dependent on the model and features you are looking for. For example, the Catalyst 9200-L switch is about $3,000 and includes four 1 gigabit uplink ports. It also comes with one year of DNA Center subscription and support. Of course, the higher the number of ports on the switch, the more it costs. But if you are looking for high-end security features, the Catalyst 9000-L switch is a good choice.

The Catalyst 9000 series is a platform designed for the modern digital age. The switches are recommended for companies looking for fast connections and high security.

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