The internet and our attention span

The internet and our  attention span are in constant odds with each other.  We have as a society now become so used to being able to access information within seconds that we demand it without question.  In fact it’s hard to believe  how we were able to function without it before.   In the past if one wanted to gain information when would go to the local library or by buying an encyclopaedia.  Now we have Wikipedia which, although it may not be as accurate as the written material, still serves the purpose by providing a background of information.  However the downside is that when you use a search engine statistics show that if your business is not on the first page, or your information is not on the first page, people will simply skit by it.

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There is a way of improving your rating in search engines and boosting the ability of your website to be higher than others. An SEO Swansea based company can give you more information on how this is done.  The basic principles are that if your website is mentioned in several articles on blogs then it will boost the ratings of its exposure and push it up the Google list.

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In this way this illustrates how business and  the internet, especially Google, all combined together to push the envelope of marketing even further.  This simple but effective tool of advertising and marketing can ensure that expensive  costs that would be normally diverted to print, and even radio media, are not needed.

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