Problem Solving Can Be Fun – Sherlock Holmes Goes Hi Tech

No matter what kind of business you are in, it seems as though a problem crops up daily that takes too much of your time finding a solution for. Sometimes it’s just a matter of crunching figures to find out what went wrong, where in the process the problem occurred and how often it reared its ugly face. These are the kinds of things that business owners are confronted with regularly and the things that keep them from making the best use of their time.

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SAP Design Finds Solutions

Did you ever stop to think that there are easy ways to deal with issues you are having, and if you like playing detective, solutions can be fun to design. It’s all in the programs you use on your computer. With the right software solutions, you can quickly assess issues you are having and then create an SAP design to re-engineer processes that not only fix problems, but enhance operations at the very same time.

It All Begins with Being a Collector

In the beginning, you will need to collect and store a ton of information. This is commonly referred to as data warehousing or business warehousing. You might set up a program to collect key data within your company or you might crawl the Web for numbers and facts you need to store for later use. Think of yourself as Sherlock Holmes. Before he can solve a mystery, he needs to collect all the evidence he’ll need for his investigation. Once he has it all laid out on the table in front of him, why it’s “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

It’s Time to Go Shopping

To collect and store that data, you’ll need a software solution known by its acronym, SAP. This means nothing more than Systems Applications Products. What you will be doing is seeking out the best places to find the data/information you need and these are referred to as data stores. It could be data on the Internet, within customer files or databases of any kind, internal or external. You go shopping for the information you need then save it to the business warehouse mentioned above.

Shuffling the Deck for Redistribution

When the need arises, this information that has been categorized based on pre-defined parameters and stored in your BW, is called up and quickly to be analyzed by a software solution, in-house or in the Cloud. The information is then shuffled about with the pertinent files being copied to a new location, perhaps an existing directory, so that it can be used to solve the problem you are working on. This is Big Data at its finest. You set the parameters as Sherlock, and the program (the SAP BW), Watson, does the actual labor.

Set Parameters and Hit ‘Go’

It doesn’t matter how big or how far-reaching your issues are, you can actually have fun designing solutions without making yourself sick crunching numbers. Yes, at the beginning you’ll need help designing those parameters you’ll use in your ‘investigations,’ but once you’ve designed your sets and subsets, it’s truly elementary!

With the right software solutions and a super-fast computer, Big Data can be your best friend, your business architect and your marketing manager all in one. If you haven’t looked into SAP design, now is the time. Don’t waste another minute foolishly. Let SAP BW do the work and you can sit back, just like Sherlock, and bask in the glory.

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