Need a holiday but just too busy? VOIP is the answer.

If you run your own business or you’re at the higher end of management then you will know that getting that 2 weeks break away somewhere, so you can finally get some rest and relaxation is becoming a harder task year after year after year. We all need a break and in this fast-paced modern world of communications technology and answer may well be at hand for you. Just read on a bit and we’ll show you how a VOIP system could help you and how Wholesale Voice Termination is provided by companies like

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What is VOIP? Its always easy to come up with an acronym but allow us to explain this one. It stands for Voice over the Internet Protocol and it is a system that can help manage activities and your business whilst you are away. How does it do that? Instead of those costly phone mobile networks and landlines the VOIP phone can work over the internet. It’s a bit like a Skype system but the benefits are great in how it allows you to manage any communication coming into the business meaning that you can sort them as appropriate. Rather than pay expensive roaming changers you buy a package that enables you to receive calls and emails over the internet. You will need an ISP but with this facility being offered free in most hotels and resorts the costs are reduced.

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This system means that you can transfer a call to the phone suing the internet meaning that you can pick and choose the calls that come in rather than have them sent straight to the office. Its not only calls that can be transferred one of the great benefits to the VOIP system is that you can have email directed to the phone allowing you to cherry pick what needs to be dealt with or it gives you the chance to delegate something to another colleague or member of staff. This so much better and more professional than concerning yourself with just an out of office email. Imagine being able to respond to that email when you’re on the sun lounger! An issue quickly dealt with and you can get back on with your holiday with the peace of mind knowing its taking care of and you won’t have to come into a load of fire fighting that Monday morning you return.

One final thing to know about the VOIP phone option is that it can be completely tailored around you and your needs. Whatever package you look at it can be refined so that it performs how you want it to.

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