How the MQL Cooling Method Can Improve Machining Employee Safety

Keeping employees happy and healthy is an important facet of worker retention. Something as simple and basic as switching the cooling method for machining equipment can do wonders to improve the safety of all the employees. Below are a few of the major reasons that MQL cooling systems are a safer option.

Safer Cooling Products

Most lubricants that are used for MQL cooling systems are plant based. They are safe if spilled on the skin, or it somehow gets ingested. The same is not true with traditional flooding coolant products. These have to be stored in special areas and removed by specialists that deal with hazardous materials. Offering employees a safer working environment is a huge plus to most professional machinists.

More Consistent Machine Operation

Being able to keep friction-induced heat to a minimum will safely increase production. Staying focused on the job will allow for less distraction. Better concentration on the machining is a guaranteed way to reduce the risk of injury. Having to take a machine offline for cleanup creates time that employees get bored, or frustrated at the need to stop and take care of equipment.

Less Chance of Slip-and-Fall Injuries

No matter how carefully coolant is placed in, or changed in the machinery, spills will happen. This can cause areas of the floor that are slick. Slip-and-fall injuries can take an employee out for weeks, or longer, depending on the severity of the injury. MQL lubricant systems use very little product, virtually eliminating any mess.

Reduced Injuries From Coolant Covered Parts

Machine parts that become coated with too much coolant can become dangerous to operate. It can cause materials to slip and injure your employees. Using excessive amounts of MQL lubricants can also be detrimental, but the difference in amounts used drastically reduces the chance of injury.

Reduced Opportunity for Back Strain In Storing or Changing Coolant

The amounts of traditional coolant used in machining equipment can seem astronomical to uninitiated. The weight of the product that needs to be frequently changed is the perfect set-up for employee back strain. Using MQL lubricant significantly reduces this risk.

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