Five Things To do After Buying Your Domain Name

Have you bought your ideal domain name and are wondering what to do next? To guide you through this process, we have listed our five next steps.

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1. Find a Host for your Domain

After purchasing your domain name, you need to look for a host. Your domain name is your online letterbox, but your host will be the bricks and mortar of your domain. If you bought your domain name through a web hosting platform, this step is already taken care of. But if you bought it separately, you need to find a web hosting platform that offers the right mix of products and guidance, such as, who will guide you along your online journey.

2. Domain-Specific Email Address

The next step is to set up a domain-specific email address. Your provider can help you with this, or you can search for an external email address that will match your domain name. Whichever route you decide, you need a professional-looking email address that will project the right image.

3. Social Media Sites

If you are already familiar with the internet and social media, you will understand the benefits of having a social media presence on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and others. Aim to spread your online presence across many sites to broaden your reach and maximise the success of your website.

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4. What are the Goals of Your Website?

One question you should be asking yourself is what are the goals for your website? Will this be a personal blog for family and friends, a charity information site, an e-commerce business or an affiliate marketing blog? Defining this will guide you to customise the right products for your website.

5. Building and Customising Your Website

Once you have decided what type of website you want, it is time to customise it. Hosting platforms offer a variety of colour schemes and styles to suit most people. This is the fun part of the process as you decide on the look of your website, construct your landing page, and publish your first-ever blog.

By following these five suggestions, we hope you will soon be on your way to successfully launching your very own website with that well-chosen domain name and website that will serve you for many years to come.

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