Best Websites and the Timeline they were invented

The 2000s have seen the development of some great websites. Some were brand new ideas and some were online versions of well-established popular services, but all the sites in this list brought us some very useful and innovative features.

Wikipedia – Launched in 2001

The first of its kind, this online encyclopedia written by the general public has now become the most extensive single source of information in the world, accessed millions of times a day from all around the globe. Any subject you can imagine will be covered there. As you can imagine the logo and imagery are very important so make sure you contact a Branding Agency through companies like Really Helpful Marketing who can you a step by step guide on what to do for the best.

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Google News – Launched in 2002

This site was the first to bring together multiple global news sources in one place, making it a great resource for all kinds of news – local, national, sports, technology and much more. Sources include world-renowned news services such as Reuters.

Skype – Launched in 2003

An application which revolutionized the communications industry, Skype has enabled families and friends separated by thousands of miles to stay in regular visual contact with just an internet connection and a laptop.

Facebook – Launched in 2004

Facebook began as a social network for college and high school students and has expanded to become the most popular online social platform ever known. Almost one in ten people on Earth now has a Facebook account – in the US over 70 per cent of all internet users have one. In an average 20-minute period, over a million links are shared on the platform.

Yelp – Launched in 2004

This was the first of many sites which bring together genuine user reviews of all kinds of services, from restaurants to retailers. Some of the sites which followed it, such as Tripadvisor, have become extremely influential in their fields, and many people frequently rely on their advice to decide on which service providers to use.

Flickr – Launched in 2004

Flickr is still one of the most popular photo-sharing and hosting sites – not just for general users, but also journalists and bloggers, as photos can be marked with their creative commons licensing details. You can check regulations around using photos at

YouTube – Launched in 2005

Ten years after it began, YouTube is by far the most used video-sharing website around the globe. Originally it was just used by the man in the street, but now most major brands across many industries have their own YouTube channel as another way to connect with their existing and potential customers.

Twitter – Launched in 2006

Twitter began as a microblogging service and developed into a global social messaging platform, spreading opinions and news around the world within minutes. It is not just for celebrity gossip either. Often when tense political situations or natural disasters are unfolding, the people affected can stay in touch and let the world know what is going on via Twitter.

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