Top 5 best video editing apps for iPhone or Android

Do you want to start video editing, create short films to amuse or impress your friends, or simply immortalize your memories?

Whether you’re on Android or iPhone, Gentside has a small list of the best video editing apps available. If you also want to edit photos on your smartphone, discover our selection of the best apps.

best video editing apps for iPhone or Android

  1. iMovie

Downloadable from the App Store, iMovie is an ideal video editing software for your iPhone. It is included for free on recent generations of iPhone, or accessible for a small fee on older versions. iMovie allows you to import videos and photos into your projects. You can trim your videos and arrange them on the timeline, add transitions between clippings, as well as filters and original themes, all with a simple swipe of your finger on the screen.

  1. PowerDirector

Available free on Android, PowerDirector is a video editing application published by CyberLink, the specialist in multimedia software (video players, editing, etc.). It allows you to cut your video sequences and paste your rushes in the order you want. You can then integrate transition effects, add titles or comments to your sequences … Once you are satisfied with the result obtained, you can export your creation in the format you want.

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  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is the simplified version for tablets and mobiles of the Adobe Premiere editing software. You can film directly using your device’s camera, then create an original project by manually cutting and arranging your video. You can then add music, filters or fades to reduce the clipping of the sequences. Also, you can even match the clipping of the video with the rhythm of the soundtrack. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

  1. Quik

Quik is the video editing application offered by GoPro. Its special feature is that it was designed for automatic assembly. Indeed, it automatically generates video sequences by importing your files from your mobile or even your Facebook or Google Photos accounts. The application selects the important moments itself and creates a clip from this selection. You then think of improving the rendering by adding themes or music that come to synchronize with the video.

  1. AndroVid

AndroVid is a simple and efficient video editing application, intended as its name suggests for Android. All the essential tools for editing are present: you can cut and move sequences in your file, and add many effects to your videos: fades, slow motion … You can also easily share your creations on your Facebook account.

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