The path of Huawei and Xiaomi to OLED screens going through LG

To deceive, business OLED displays have it Samsung and LG, especially the first of those companies. They might or less, and possibly even more than we are not at an early stage of its evolution, but the reality is that manufacturers of gadgets with screens, end jumping to that kind of technology.

The two companies have been investing in research and development, and in recent years have been improving facilities to start producing seriously, with ‘serious’ I mean to accomplish what they need, and start selling large quantities to third. Among those names sound and Huawei and Xiaomi.

OLED screens

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Two bigwigs of the mobile market in China, which also weigh heavily on the global pie. The latest news coming from South Korea tell us that LG Display is the one that is closer to create you screens to said Chinese companies. I’m not going to discover anything, for Koreans is almost as important to create for others, and for them, since the benefits are more important and allow them to have factories in capabilities that make them more profitable.

We are seeing more and more laptops and monitors that give step towards OLED, seemed distant, but it is an inevitable step appear. In the world of phones is a much more verifiable fact, many companies actually have a model that uses this type of panel, but then it is an important feature in their catalogs, still have to spend time.

Do you first Xiaomi and Huawei then?

The source of our news for granted that Xiaomi will be the first partner of these features of LG Display, is that if we look, the only OLED screens Koreans are making their models for Flex. Both companies have already worked together in the development of television, so the relationship is established. It is said that later this year we will find a Xiaomi phone with LG display technology ‘Edge Displays’.

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The other case is put on the table is the Huawei, Xiaomi a completely different company because instead of assembling components from third – party, it is trying to create most of them. However, for now the screen does not do so for something as specialized has to point to names like LG Display.

Huawei has already played an important technology in the phone, it was with the Nexus 6P he created for Google, it QHD resolution he hung out with the latest in Samsung panels. It seems that Huawei goes a step further in their relationship and want something for the future, is interested in LG flexible technology.

Why you have to get change in many gadgets? For there are many reasons, mainly because it is a more modern technology. Companies like HP say their laptops with OLED weigh less – 50 grams – than their counterparts with LCD, they can be made thinner, and that the level of color reproduction is far superior. There is also the shadow of panels with images burned on them, but they are mishaps that technology is already solved. Lenovo and Dell also have models, and all are made with the help of Samsung.

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