iPhone SE, how much are you willing to pay for an iPhone

After our in-depth analysis of the iPhone, played go over and tell the experience after a month of use with the less different terminal and that is a novelty for Apple to bring to market a more affordable than its iPhone franchise terminal and current components.

In the iPhone starting points they are iOS, power, camera and small size. Mainly the last Aparado is what determines our contributions after a month of use with the iPhone we have prepared for you. How was our experience? Is it worth it? We tell you then.

Design, size and screen: Everything is strange at this point

If you look around, you will probably park you see smartphones are generous screens. At least that happens in the mine, both family or friends and at work level. For some years, 5 inches have become almost a standard , and either high-end devices such as media or entry, is a predominant diagonal.

iPhone SE

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But 4 inches terminals are still sold by Apple apace. At least its iPhone 5s, and hence has opted for an equal contained screen (4 inches) for iPhone SE. In it we find the same design that seems to us, after this month of use, which could have been used to reduce frames and give more screens without the overall dimensions of the equipment resented.

What has convinced us of all the weight of the iPhone and its finish? First impressions on the use of best metal and beveled edge and have been confirmed in this month of use, the iPhone has survived better and has left more intact than the terminal did it replaces.

In this month of use to handle a four-inch smartphone has not only consisted in a slight lead terminal and is handled easily with one hand. Suddenly we found ourselves with a phone we have used far less in content when consumption is concerned. Less Twitter, fewer social networks, less videos and generally less of anything more enjoyable with large screens. It look less content at a glance generates some reluctance to use more time smartphone .

One positive thing is that the interaction with the terminal is more discreet and even dare I say it more quickly, which I liked coming terminal at least 5 inches, no difference.

Another aspect we have confirmed in this month of use is on the quality of the screen. It looks pretty good outdoors but I notice dullness and is not as spectacular as one might think.

Camera to not stop taking pictures

If you are doing many photos with the smartphone, the iPhone will love. There is little to add about the possibilities of the iPhone’s camera SE given that is the same as in the higher iPhone, except for stabilization.

It is certainly one of the key values to advise your purchase, it is the terminal that gives us more quality in video camera and 4K for its price.

After this month’s use what we liked most is its speed-and-shoot, and of course the quality of the results, very good in almost all situations even surpassed in low light scenes.

With the iPhone it has also occurred to me that I recovered a pace shooting pictures I had forgotten. Four inches and compact size are invited to do more pictures for the discretion with which we can and handling with one hand. Another thing is the editing and photo retouching, with a smaller screen is not so satisfactory.

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Brutal performance and happy 16GB

The iPhone is small with a design of a couple of generations can be misleading and think that this smarpthone suffers from lack of power. In all, the good results of our review have been confirmed in the day and the iPhone is a plane in everything we do with it every day.

The best has been able to abuse tabs in the browser without any suffering, although it is a pity that such a demonstration of raw power will have to contain so little screen diagonal and resolution. In all that can be exploited, such as games, one more enjoyable.

A controversy had in the comments of the post of the review of the iPhone was on the internal memory. There is strong debate over whether 16 GB today, with storage systems in the cloud or streaming content is as problematic as ever draw. My conclusion: in a terminal of this level we must demand more internal memory starting.

Soon you will be excited with 4K videos, many photos and above all, download applications and games, you run out of space really. An ecosystem as large as iOS (and where he lives part of its appeal to some users) loses some of its value if there is to be limited by lack of space.

Regarding the battery, we have noticed in this month of use that can easily exceed the day and a half of use, which gives us a good autonomy for the category. Also, if as has happened to me, you end up using fewer terminals in timeouts at home, you can stretch it even more. What pissed me more with each passing day the iPhone was the burden that drags on over two hours when capacity with twice the load terminals are available in half the time.

Only if you aspire to a unique combination: iPhone 4 inches

Throughout this month of use with the iPhone is the most repeated question has been twofold: there are few 4 inches? Is it worth it for what it is? There, straight to the point.

I will say one thing: if you want 4 inches, power, camera battery, this iPhone SE will leave very satisfied. It is iOS, certainly, but there is really no direct competitor in Android or Windows Phone. For more smartphone update visit http://thefirewheel.com/.

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