Why It Is Vital To Hire The Right People

Not hiring the right people can come with dire consequences. Not only does it lower efficiency and overall productivity, but it can set the business back by fifteen times the monthly salary of the employee.

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Hiring mistakes such as being vague about the requirements of the role, being indecisive about who to hire, and failing to keep ideal candidates engaged are common, but they are preventable if one knows what to look out for. To get a better understanding of how to hire the right people, this article may prove useful.

Understand What You’re Looking For

To start, analyse the organisational structure. Ask questions – is every role within the structure intertwined with the overall goals of the business? If this isn’t the case, ask why they’re there and what value they bring.

It’s important to think of strategy as well by ensuring that every role is part of the structure and letting go of any that are not useful. By clarifying this, it will be easier to outline what’s needed for the role and to take the necessary steps to find someone who can fulfil those responsibilities.

Expand the Search

When advertising a role, it’s common to receive applications from those who are searching for a new job. But by diversifying and expanding recruitment efforts, one can look at other methods and channels, and find passive employment seekers. For example, by using LinkedIn, one can look for potential employees and reach out to them directly.

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Keep Them Engaged

It’s common for an application to be submitted, only for nothing more to happen afterwards. To ensure that high-priority candidates remain interested, it’s important to be open and consistent when communicating with them during the process. Being clear while outlining the next part after each interaction is a perfect way to make sure the candidates are engaged.

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