What is the best wood for your new floor?

It is plain to see that the carpet has had its day. The sheer versatility of an Engineered Wood Flooring room is by far the best option open to anyone looking to spruce up a home and make it look new. No more expensive carpet cleaners are needed, and the fear of a spillage of red wine or similar staining substances is finally not a worry anymore. Some, like www.irwintiles.ie/ can come along and make all your problems with carpet disappear, but what is the best type of wood to use?

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To answer that question, you need to consider what uses the room is going to be exposed to. There is an expression and description used by installers called traffic areas. This is related to the amount of footfall a room is likely to receive during the day. So, as you can probably imagine, doorways and entrance halls are likely to get high degrees of people walking on them. Therefore, these are the places that need the best wood and wood protection. It means that a particularly strong wood may be required.

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Oak remains one of the best, if not the best, flooring options. Oak has been the cornerstone of wood-based construction projects for hundreds of years; it was also the mainstay of our royal navy, illustrating the strength of the material. It can also be coloured by certain wood stains and is very accepting of different types of paint.

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