Tips to help grow your business

Reassess your business plan

Regular business plan reviews will help to accurately measure progress. They also provide the perfect opportunity to ensure development strategies are working – and if not to implement changes, setting new targets and strategies for growth where appropriate. For the help of a Gloucester Business Advisory, go to

Carefully manage cash flow

Healthy finances underpin successful growth, so ensure you have clear cash flow projections in place so potential problems can be identified and addressed early.  To make sure you have a full understanding of the numbers you will be dealing with you might want to hire an accountant.

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Make existing sales more profitable

Selling to existing customers is typically easier and cheaper than attracting new ones. Maximise your profit by customising your offers. In order to do this you will need to ask your customers about their needs and how your products or services could meet these more effectively. Doing so will add value to your business relationships.

Attract new customers

Many businesses make the mistake of relying too heavily upon their existing customers. No matter how loyal these customers can appear, this does not make good business sense. Consider which new customers you should focus on and how. Carefully track progress, through sales and other targets to determine which marketing methods are effective and which aren’t. Also think about the long game. Introductory offers can work well to bring new customers in, but how can you ensure they stay loyal once the offer is no longer in place?

Add sales channels

The majority of businesses put most of their focus on just one or two channels. However, using more can make a big difference. For example, if you are not already, begin selling online and your consumer reach can become worldwide. This is now easier than ever, with tools such as eBay templates readily available. Online sales continue to experience growth year on year.

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Refresh your outlook

Any business owner can become jaded and lose touch with what they are trying to achieve. Every now and then step back and look at your business from an outsider’s perspective. What new knowledge can you acquire to progress your business further? Consider getting in contact with a mentor. Networking is also a very good way to build new relationships and create new opportunities through knowledge sharing.

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