How much do CCTV drain surveys cost in the UK?

Poor drainage can be a frustrating problem for homeowners, as well as being potentially costly. One of the most common ways of identifying issues is via a CCTV drain survey.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

Unsurprisingly, a CCTV drain survey is one that is carried out using special CCTV cameras. These are inserted into the drains, providing a live feed so that the engineers can see up close. This helps identify any issues and gives a general idea of the state of the pipes.

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Why is it needed?

It is not always obvious that there is an issue. And even if it is, it can be very hard to identify the exact location and type of damage because much of it will be going on underground. Most people will at least have a suspicion that there is a problem before commissioning a CCTV drain survey.

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How much might it cost and what influences the price?

The average cost of CCTV drain surveys can vary quite significantly. The factors that influence this cost include the size of the property, the complexity of the drainage system, the number and type of blockages, where you live, and whether you opt for a basic or more comprehensive survey.

A basic survey will cost from £85 to £250. This will involve a CCTV survey and then a debrief from the engineer.

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A comprehensive drain survey will include the same as the basic survey but will be accompanied by a detailed written report outlining the condition and any issues found, and the CCTV footage. You will also get a map of all the drains. This kind of survey costs between £200 and £500.

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