ASUS surprises Lenovo with a 14-inch notebook lighter than its ThinkPad Carbon

As simple and elegant in its design as it is silent in its presentation, this ASUS laptop contains many more interesting things than others that have made much more noise at this CES 2017 Las Vegas. Many of us like teams like this, discreet and light, without forgetting a minimum power to be able to make everyday activities without problems.

No, it is not fair to compare it directly with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, since this is a less demanding laptop than Lenovo, which has introduced new technology and can be configured with very high specifications. But we can play looking for the thinner, thinner 14-inch laptop, and there the ASUS product has a lot to say.ASUS

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How much does it weigh? As in the official specifications puts 2.3 pounds, which in our interests are very little more than a kilo.

That’s nothing for a device that offers you a pretty useful display in size, with Full HD resolution. Like the Lenovo laptop, this ASUS plays to put a 14-inch screen into the space that normally occupies one with 13.3 inches.

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That “ASUSPRO” that you see in the images corresponds with the name that the Taiwanese brand puts its professional line, and that is surname B9440, in case someone wants to look for it in more detail. It seems a shame that the brand does not know how to give more visibility to products so interesting, could have looked for a better name.


Image Source: Google Image

Where are the drawbacks? Well it does not seem that there are many, since the battery or power have not received too much damage. ASUS assures that the autonomy of the equipment can reach up to 10 hours of life with a load, and there is room to place Intel Core i7 processors of the seventh generation. They fit up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB on SSD.

The laptop is made of magnesium alloy, has a splash resistant keyboard and there is an integrated fingerprint sensor to enhance our security, not in vain is part of the professional family of ASUS laptops.

How much does one of these AsusPro B9440 come out? For in the United States has a starting price of 999 dollars, and will be sold in May this year. We will keep you informed about your international expansion.

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