The new Samsung Gear 360: 4K, 360-degree recording and streaming

If a phone is important, try to surround it with accessories and peripherals that make a difference or help us personalize it. A Galaxy S8 is a phone too important, and what better than a camera capable of recording contents in 360 degrees to get special content.

Okay, the Samsung Gear 360 already exists, but this time it has been renewed with a ‘2017’ model that brings under the arm the ability to record videos in 4K resolution. If in a normal recording is something because it prints quality, in the world of 360 degrees is almost a necessity.

Samsung Gear 360

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For those who are lost to comment that these types of cameras, or at least those that Samsung does, use a recording system based on two opposing cameras, so that spherical shape. The grace of the matter is to be able to effectively add what both sensors, which in this case are 8.4 megapixels, capture.

Both lenses are fisheye type and have a maximum aperture f / 2.2, and according to Samsung specifications, together they should take 15-megapixel images. As for the video, because using an H.265 codec we can register contents with a resolution of 4,096×2,048 pixels at 24 images per second – the previous one was done in QHD. In addition to photos and videos, it also makes timelapses and HDR landscapes.

Samsung Gear 360

Image Source: Google Image

The way to register the data is through microSD memory card, supporting up to 256GB. When communicating with the rest of the ecosystem we will use WiFi (ac, Direct), Bluetooth 4.1, or a USB 2.0 port of reversible type.

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The camera is resistant – IP53 – and compact, its compact dimensions are of 100,6×46,3×45,1 millimeters and weighs only 130 grams. In your body there is room for a battery of 1160mAh (it is less than last year, 1350mAh).

It’s something increasingly common in action cameras, and here too it makes quite a lot of sense: we talk about streaming in real time, provided the camera is associated with a phone or a computer that connects to it.

Supported broadcast platforms for streaming are Facebook or YouTube (2K for 2 hours). Logically the other great asset of the ecosystem is Samsung VR, the ideal device to swallow contents in 360 degrees. Also in Google Street View.

The new Gear 360 will debut with the two Galaxy S8, but it is compatible with all Samsung flat panel: S7, S7 edge, S6 edge +, S6 edge, A5 (2017), A7 (2017), Android 5.0 phones or later, and the different iPhone 6, 7 and SE. As for computers, then Windows and Mac.

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