The best sports headphones of 2018

The headphones are the perfect complement to make the hard training sessions more bearable. Bluetooth headphones or cable, resistant to water or sweat and, above all, with the best sound quality. We have compiled the best sports headphones of 2018.

Music and sport have always been much linked. Music not only makes solitary workouts easier where it is easy to fall into monotony, it also constitutes a motivating element that marks the rhythm and intensity of your workouts.

Therefore, add good headphones to your sports equipment, not only liven up your workouts, but also improve their quality. We have compiled the best sports headphones of 2018.

Sports headphones have been constituted as a category of their own given their special characteristics in terms of water resistance, stability in the connection with the smartphone or playback devices or the sound quality they can offer, having to comply with strict restrictions in Regarding weight and size.

In this category you will find a wide range of possibilities that include models within reach of all pockets. Therefore, in this selection of the best sports headphones of 2018 we have tried to take a tour of the most representative and interesting models of each price range, because being the best does not always mean being the most expensive.

SoundPEATS Q30

sports headphones

We began our tour of the best sports headphones of 2018 with these SoundPEATS Q30. A sports headphones with cable with an excellent value for money.

You do not need to pay more than 20 euros to start enjoying good sound quality during your workouts as the SoundPEATS Q30s offer support for the APTX codec that provides greater bandwidth in the transmission of data via Bluetooth and, therefore, , higher quality wireless sound .

In addition, the SoundPEATS Q30 are wireless headphones with IPX6 water resistance that guarantee resistance to sweat, rain and water splashes that can occur when cooling during training. Do not suffer for your headphones, they are safe!

With only 15 grams of weight, these headphones have been designed to fit your ear and not move during the entire workout. For this it includes a complete set of “wings” and intra-auditory pads with which you can adjust the grip to the maximum with maximum comfort.

You will have music for a while since its battery provides 8 hours of music and allows you to control the playback from the control buttons of the cable, where the hands-free microphone is also integrated that allows you to answer the calls you receive on your smartphone. If you have a tight budget, these cheap sports headphones are an excellent choice.

JBL Endurance Sprint

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If you value the sound quality and comfort, our next proposal for the best sports headphones of 2018 you’ll love: they are the JBL Endurance Sprint.

The American subsidiary of Harman proposes a waterproof wireless Bluetooth headset with an IPX7 certification and an adjustment that surrounds the ear to ensure its fixation during training and prevent it from moving or falling.

One of its most outstanding features is its fast charging system that in just 10 minutes you can recover an hour of use. With the battery fully charged, a range of up to 8 hours of music playback is achieved.

It has a touch function in the headphones with which you can control the reproduction of music, volume or answer calls from your smartphone as it has hands-free function.

Plantronics BackBeat fit 305

sports headphones

We continue with our selection of the best sports headphones of 2018 with the Plantronics BackBeat fit 305. The proposal for 2018 of this brand specializes in high quality headphones.

With a really compact and lightweight intraaural design with only 14 grams of weight, the Plantronics BackBeat fit 305 fits like any glove to any auditory pavilion thanks to its small dimensions to the adjustment provided by its interchangeable silicone pads in various sizes that adapt perfectly to prevent them from moving during workouts.

Inside, 6 mm controllers are integrated that provide a sensitivity of 106 dB with an impedance of 16 ohms and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, to which a passive noise reduction system is added.

BackBeat Fit 305 has IPX5 protection, so they are completely immune to water splashes, rain and sweat. In addition, comfort is combined with an extremely comfortable braided cable and extended Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect up to two devices.

If you prefer to select music while training, you will be happy to know that the BackBeat Fit 305 incorporates a small playback control in which the battery is housed and a microphone that allows you to answer the calls you receive without having to remove the mobile of the backpack.

Jaybird Freedom Special Edition

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We jump right into the high-end sports headphones with the Jaybird Freedom Special Edition. Some headphones with a clear sports DNA since they have been designed by and for athletes.

It is about tiny headphones with which you will completely forget that you are wearing them. With only 17 grams and an extreme ergonomic design, the special edition of the Jaybird Freedom will give you the comfort of use you are looking for. Includes a set of silicone fins and pads and visco-elastic foam to ensure a perfect fit to your ear.

They have an autonomy of 4 hours, but if you need more, include a battery that is coupled directly to the control to extend that autonomy in 4 additional hours without stopping using them.

On a technical level, the Jaybird Freedom Special Edition features an impedance of 16 ohms and a sensitivity of 96, covering a range of response frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 KHz, which provides a sound full of details and nuances.

These small Jaybird Bluetooth sports headphones are resistant to splash and sweat thanks to its hydrophobic coating that protects the headphones from the water.

Sony WI-SP600N

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At this price range, quality begins to become noticeable and it is no longer enough to demand that sports headphones be comfortable. They have to offer the highest quality in each section.

The Sony WI-SP600N meets these requirements by offering a very compact design, good audio quality and noise cancellation. What else can you ask?

As you would expect in a high-end wireless sports headset, the Sony WI-SP600N features IPX4 resistance against splash, sweat or rain. You have been ergonomically designed to adapt to the interior of the auditory pavilion to prevent them from moving while performing your workouts.

Sony uses a noise cancellation system in different levels, in which you can choose a total isolation, maintain a normal ambient sound to avoid accidents while you train in the city or with a specific sound environment for training in which you isolate yourself from the noises, but your coach’s voice is filtered.

It has a playback control in which the battery is stored with capacity for 6 hours of use, and with which you can take your calls with the hands-free system that it integrates, and which is also compatible with Google Assistant.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018

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The Samsung Gear IconX were one of the first sports headphones to be totally wireless eliminated the cable that used to join both components.

The elimination of this cord that joins both devices is somewhat disconcerting when you start using them since it is rare to not have the security that, in case of falling, they will not be lost. The truth is that, to begin with, they do not fall.

The Samsung Gear IconX 2018 has been designed specifically for the sport. Good proof of this is that they include an internal monitoring system that records the progress of the training that is activated by touching one of the headphones.

This same system of “touches” on the external part of the headphones allows controlling the volume or the reproduction of music, whose origin can be either from the 4 GB of internal memory included, or from a smartphone linked by Bluetooth 4.2.

The battery offers an autonomy of about 7 hours in independent mode by playing music stored in the internal memory, and 5 hours in streaming mode from a linked smartphone.

Sony WF-SP900

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If in addition to being a lover of good music and sports, you are also a lover of freedom of movement, the Sony WF-SP900 sports wireless headphones will not disappoint you.

Presented at IFA 2018, the Sony WF-SP900 offers incredible performance at just 7.3 grams per headset. Which makes them one of the best sports headphones of 2018.

The latest model of sports headset from Sony has IPX5 / 8 protection that allows you to swim in both fresh and salt water, allowing you to submerge up to 2 meters without problems.

In one of the headphones integrates an internal memory with 4 GB of capacity from which you can play your music, or synchronize your smartphone and send music via Bluetooth. Wait, Bluetooth on the water? Impossible!

Yes, the Sony WF-SP900 includes a unique pairing technology that allows sound to be transmitted between them so that audio streaming is not interrupted even while you are swimming.

With a full charge, the Sony wireless headphones allow you to play up to 3 hours of music via Bluetooth connection, but include a charging case with capacity for three additional charges, which significantly extends its autonomy.

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