Lametric Time, much more than a connected clock, also much more expensive

A device shaped like a digital clock or Bluetooth speaker, that’s Lametric Time. A very simple idea that tries to unify and show, in a single place, all those notifications, statistics that may interest us and some other surprise more. We have tried it, so we tell you everything about it and how it can be used …

Lametric Time Features

Lametric Time

Dimensions and weight 20.1 x 6.1 x 3.6 cm and 203 gr
Connectivity Bluetooth and WiFi
screen Matrix of 8×8 pixels in color Matrix of 29×8 white pixels
Sensors and controls Ambient light sensor Top buttons to launch actions and two right and left buttons for navigation. Buttons on the sides for volume control and on and off
Connections MicroUSB for charging and audio output 3.5mm jack
Price $199

Sober design to fit in any environment

Lametric TimeThe first thing we should know about Lametric Time is the product as such on a physical level. Here there are not many surprises, we have a form factor similar to that of some bluetooth speakers or digital watches. Resulting in a fairly simple design and construction.

Basically we have a rectangle made of plastic with dimensions of 20.1 x 6.1 x 3.6 cm and weight of 223 gr. The touch is soft and at the bottom has a rubber to fix well to the surface where we place it. Of course, although it is very well finished construction materials do not convey feelings of being a robust product. Especially the upper keypad, which is not going to break just look but still eye against possible falls.

In the upper part there are three buttons that serve to change the application and activate functions, on the sides are the speakers and in each of these sides we find the buttons for volume control and the on / off button. Already in the back, the microUSB input to power it and an audio output.

Lametric TimeThe screen is formed by a matrix of 37×8 LEDs. Of these 8×8 LEDs are RGB , they are located on the left side and are used to generate icons that give us visual information of the service or data that we are visualizing. The other 29×8 remaining leds are white and only or in combination of the rest they give the information. Regarding the intensity of the brightness can be regulated from the application manually and also automatically through an ambient light sensor.

Little more, this device is as simple and functional at the same time. A product with a sober design that will fit well in virtually any environment. Be it under the screen of your computer, on the side of the table, showcase your business, etc. Here each user chooses according to the use he is going to make of it.

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Beyond a simple notifier

Lametric TimeLametric Time has two ways to connect: Bluetooth and WiFi. Through them we can take advantage of the different functions they offer, ranging from receiving content to configuring access to certain services to obtain useful information for the user.

For this integration with third-party services and information displays, notifications, etc. First you have to configure the different applications through the Lametric app, available for both iOS and Android.

Once installed on our phone, we will add the applications that interest us and configure the different options offered by each of them. These applications can be ordered so that they appear in the order that we want when moving from left to right in Lametric Time. But what applications are available.

Lametric TimeThe services and apps available for Lametric Time are very varied, from a fan counter on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or other networks to the Google Analitycs data visualization, IFTTT, control for Philips HUE, Spotify, Radio, News … The catalog of apps is very broad, so better go to the product website and see all available applications.

In our tests we have configured many but in the end we have filtered and we are left with those that could have a greater real utility for the user on foot. That is, with the communication between phone and Lametric activated, the function of sending audio via Bluetooth, alarm, clock, time, Philips HUE control, followers on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and IFTTT. What have we achieved with this?

Lametric Time

  • Thanks to the integration with the phone we can receive notifications in Lametric. Being able to configure which apps will have permission to do it and which ones will not. In addition to the type of sound or if only show on screen. Of course we have to choose well if we do not want to go crazy
  • Can answer calls as a hands-free
  • With the function of streaming and connecting the clock to external speakers we have an interesting sound solution to listen to what we have on the mobile or through apps like Spotify. Or directly activate the integration but the experience is not very comfortable
  • The functions of alarm, clock and time are not necessary to explain them. Of all, next to the clock, seeing the weather is useful when showing temperature, if it is cloudy, sunny or rainy the day as well as the speed of wind and humidity
  • The track followers on social networks is not vital but it is interesting to see how it evolves. It also keeps you alert for possible celebrations when exceeding certain figures
  • The control of Philips HUE bulbs is great. We can control them from the app or by integrating the wizards that we have on our smartphone but sometimes pressing a physical button is faster or more comfortable. That with Lametric Time we can do it and also depending on the type of pulsation-short or long-we can perform different actions
  • And finally, thanks to the integration with IFTTT and IF Do the possibilities multiply almost unlimited. You can build rules and through Lametric Time to receive those ads that interest you or create recipes to order a Taxi, pizza or whatever at the touch of a button

Lametric TimeAll this is a way to take advantage of the options and functions offered by the device. According to the user, needs or even if it is for professional or business uses the possibilities can be multiplied. For example, for businesses, being able to establish messages that can be shown as sales that have been made, income, notices for your customers, etc. can be interesting. Or simply customize icons to show on screen or other alerts.

In addition, with a little knowledge in programming we will also be able to create our own apps for Lametric Time. It is a somewhat more expensive process but not impossible, even for those who have little code knowledge.

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