Lenovo Z5 Pro GT: The first mobile with the Snapdragon 855 will arrive with 12GB of RAM and design all screen

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

Lenovo showed a conceptual image of its Z5 at the beginning of the year, anticipating a mobile phone with an ‘all-screen’ design. But when the Lenovo Z5 became known it was a disappointment to see how a notch had been added to the screen at the top. This was solved in the Lenovo Z5 Pro, a mid-range …

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Xiaomi Mi8 Pro: A top-of-the-range product with very interesting technical solutions

Xiaomi Mi8 Pro

Among the producers who stood out in this 2018 impossible not to mention Xiaomi. A truly profitable year, enhanced by the release of this Xiaomi Mi8 Pro, a top-of-the-range product with very interesting technical solutions. The peculiarity of this smartphone is undoubtedly its transparent body designed to show off its …

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Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4: Not only LED but also many performances

The new Dominator Platinum RGB series Corsair offers a range of DDR4 solutions that combine high performance with a unique design. The use of the new RGB LED Hairx, a new feature of the American company, increases the brightness with much smaller dimensions and better energy efficiency.

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The Most Outstanding Supercomputers Of All Time


In the modern world there are hundreds of large government and private organizations that have supercomputers. Basically, they are used for scientific research: mathematical calculations, modeling of pharmaceutical compounds, processing data arrays, simulating the work of artificial intelligence, and others. Today we will talk about the most powerful systems, but …

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