SiteLock protects your website

With over eight million protected client sites and partnerships with some of the world’s most respected brands, SiteLock’s success is assured. A global leader in Website security, SiteLock offers the most comprehensive website security packages available today.

All sites, big or small are at risk for cyber attacks. Hackers target known security breaches and use websites primarily as email servers to spam. (Hello Nigerian princes, I’m talking about you.) Or they use the sites servers to store and host files, usually illegal. In increasing circumstances, sites are scraped for their personal and financial data, and though rare there are attacks that are malicious or designed to deface websites. It is not personal; it’s just business.

There are many ways to protect your website. The best defenses designed to make it difficult to gain access to your website; complex passwords, firewalls – that sort of thing. Not unlike an unlocked house, if you give the thieves access, they’ll take it.

Protects your website

While rumors of a SiteLock Scam surface occasionally online their partnerships with some of the largest and most reputable internet companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator and Network Solutions and the over 8,000,000 satisfied and protected clients attests to their commitment to quality.

Hiring the global leader in website security means your site along with the personal and financial data of your employees and customers is protected, not to mention the potential damage a successful cyber would do to your reputation. SiteLock offers service packages for all sizes and types of website.

When you choose SiteLock to protect your website you can rest assured your site is protected immediately and 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

SiteLock is cloud-based, so your data is accessible at any time of night or day.  Daily scanning of your site stops hackers before they can get a foothold. The SiteLock expert technicians will notify you and automatically remove any malware that slips through. Your website is protected with web app firewalls and DDoS prevention. Support is available 24/7 on the phone and a simple to use dashboard is a central hub for all your reports and information.

Choosing SiteLock for as your website security company is choosing easy setup and onboarding with their expertly trained 24-hour client representatives. Best of all there is no installation and no downtime.

SiteLock will find, fix, prevent, accelerate and comply. With this comprehensive plan in place, you will sleep easier at night knowing the data of your clients is 100% protected.

Legitimate website security means protection 360’, inside and out. SiteLock has the technology and experience to handle it all — from daily scanning, and automatic malware removal, to a web app firewall, a global CDN to accelerate your website and their 24/7 support team. Their recognizable Trust Seal shows clients your website is safe, helping to increase conversions and ROI.

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