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Poker is universally renowned as a game that requires a high intellectual level and potent mental ability and the rise on online Poker in India is on the rolls. Their graph of the websites providing platform for online Poker is on the upward scale.

If you want to make big money, poker is one of the best options and who would not want to give a try if one can make real money for free Poker. You just need to play freeroll tournaments, which is a great way to earn real money by playing poker – so let’s understand free rolls a bit better!

What are Freerolls? 

Freerolls, as the name suggests, are poker tournaments that are completely free to register – does not require any kind of deposit nor buy-in to start playing. You can find freeroll tournaments in both faces to face as well as online poker.

The prize on offer at a freeroll tournament can be a lot of variants. It can be real money, as in the case of the Khelo365  daily freerolls, it can be points of some kind, or the prize can be free entry into another tournament. Khelo offers a whopping 18 Lakhs prize money only in Freerolls.

With a freeroll every hour, Khelo keeps you lured to the Poker table throughout the day. The freerolls are offered in all the three variants of Ohama, Texas Holdem and OFC(Open face Chinese Poker) with a 20k prize money daily.

The Mega Daily Depositors of 40k can fetch you 10k prize money on winning,  with a free ticket for a deposit of Rs.200 using the Promo Code “DAILY”.

Freeroll- Origin, and Whereabouts

In the early years of the casino industry, guests at Las Vegas hotels were often incentivized to play in some way or the other. Most frequently, they would be given a roll of nickel coins – a ‘free roll’ – when they checked in so that they could make use of the slot machines at the hotel. Over time, the practice became so common that guests would often ask for their ‘free rolls’ – which eventually came to refer to anything for which the entry was free, and has now become part of the poker vocabulary.

Khelo365 offers Freerolls round the clock throughout the year! In total, the prize pool available is worth Rs. 18 lakhs every month; the perfect time and place to think about Poker are Khelo365. Learn, Play and Win Real Money absolutely free.

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