Common Cloud Computing Technology Use We Should Be Aware Of

Cloud computing changed the entire business world, together with the internet and what it made possible. We see so many new changes and cloud computing is credited with an increase in competitiveness and a high cost reduction, together with elasticity and flexibility. Prior to his role at Infor, Charles Phillips was president of Oracle and even since then he talked about how all businesses in the world will use cloud computing. Even so, most people do not really know what cloud computing is now used for. Here are some applications you need to be aware of.

Common Cloud Computing Technology Use We Should Be Aware Of

Iaas (Infrastructure As A Service)

IaaS sees using the existing infrastructure in a pay-per-use scheme. It is something that is obvious for the firms that need to save costs when they have to use IT infrastructures. We also have PaaS (platform as a service), in which the entire platform is offered instead of just the infrastructure, all through a cloud computing basis.

Private Cloud – Hybrid Cloud

Many organizations now want to use the cloud because of various reasons. Two of the cases are when they need ways to assess applications they think about using and when testing happens. Having a private cloud basically makes it really easy to test the application workloads and much more. The hybrid cloud is going to focus on much more. The bottom line is that the company basically takes advantage of private clouds and hybrid clouds to prepare, test and make sure that everything works well, without compromising the current business environment.

Large Data Analytics

An aspect that is really interesting with cloud computing is the vast ability to use unstructured and structured data. The suppliers and the retailers now extract data from the buying patterns of the consumer in order to learn how to properly target marketing and advertising campaigns. The cloud has a huge advantage of being able to analyze and gather truly huge blocks of data. Meaningful information is obtained and the marketing campaigns will be much more effective.

File Storage

This one should be pretty obvious as it is the main reason why the cloud was invented in the first place. The cloud gives you the possibility of storing all the files that you want to and then access it from anywhere in the world, through web-enabled interfaces. This can be used in order to get the backup space that a company always needs or to simply make work faster by allowing people to access data in a remote way.

An extra advantage stands in the fast that disaster recovery becomes available. When backups are schedule and the company always has all the data saved in the cloud, there is basically no way to lose data. This helps the firm to avoid so many disasters.


Using cloud technology is something that you do need to consider in the modern business world. This is so much more complex than the reasons highlighted above but the ideas should showcase the importance of cloud computing in modern life.

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