BLU is the leading manufacturer free market sales in the US over Apple


The market for devices Android is complicated to understand, few make much money with him, and quite changeable depending on the region where we are. In the United States, it is producing an explosion in the sale of free devices, mainly fueled by affordable brands that are in sales channels very hands of the people. There are companies …

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Free Antivirus and business: How it works and makes money computer security that does not charge

Free Antivirus

We all understand the software business model: you pay a license (or a monthly fee) and have the right to use a program. And we also understand that when a software or online service is free, then the company is that it has achieved revenues otherwise taking advantage of things …

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Seagate commitment to speed and announces what would be the world’s fastest SSD


It would seem that the battle within SSDs is on storage, since some months the companies have their bets where the idea is to show that they have greater capacity than the competition, but Seagate is about to take another path, as they say the important thing is not the ability, but the speed as it is useless to have hundreds …

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Five minutes, clay and a mold: That was enough to falsify my mark and unlock my mobile

Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint readers are here to stay is evident, since many years ago had just not curdle and stomping them to return until our smartphones. Since then, in parallel, it has been testing its effectiveness and weak to see how they can be improved and, above all, how to avoid points counterfeits. Something that, as we did see …

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Until 25 years of autonomy in wearables and IoT devices with this new RRAM memory

RRAM Memory

Technology advances and does not stop, we have every day new advances in miniaturization, new components with more power and more efficient, but there is still a topic that stops all this, we refer to power consumption, batteries and autonomy, something that makes us depend on that need to be charging our …

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