The technology incubator ‘Google Ideas’ joins Alphabet as ‘Jigsaw’


Alphabet continues to grow as a company, diversifying its range of businesses and initiatives, that after the great restructuring that meant leaving Google as an independent company, under this new conglomerate by Sergey Brian and Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet, who moments ago just announced a new company that will …

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This is what you should have in your notebook for high performance and so fulfills the Asus UX501

Asus UX5015

When we rushed to the task of looking for a laptop of high performance started thinking about the details of what should be a perfect setting and a good balance of both quality and quantity. It is impossible to have a laptop of high performance that has absolutely everything (it would not be as …

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Google Images: How to make the most!

Google Images

Google is by far the most popular search engine used to search and find anything that really interests us; therefore  Google Images is probably the most used tool for search images precisely, on Google. The images of any website – whether indexed – they are shown depending on the  keyword used, and search is actually very …

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