BLU is the leading manufacturer free market sales in the US over Apple


The market for devices Android is complicated to understand, few make much money with him, and quite changeable depending on the region where we are. In the United States, it is producing an explosion in the sale of free devices, mainly fueled by affordable brands that are in sales channels very hands of the people. There are companies …

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Is it better to take a selfie with the back camera? Not all phones!

Take a selfie

We use our smartphone to take pictures every day. It is the fastest and most convenient device to use for this purpose. Increased quality of cameras in phones has been remarkable over the years, but usually in the main or rear cameras. There are many users who remain faithful to take selfies using the …

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How to connect a smartphone and tablet to a TV

Connect Smartphone and TV

The mobile phones have become powerful media center capable of playing multiple formats of image and sound, surf the Internet and access to countless leisure services online. However, their small screens make it difficult to enjoy these audiovisual content with the highest quality, hence it interesting that often connect to other more inches. Is it …

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