Facebook has a monstrous camera with 360-degree virtual reality 3D and Open Source


It was an obvious move, Facebook is betting a tremendous way to the video in 360 degrees and virtual reality, but curiously did not have a tool that could capture this type of video, as we know, Facebook is not engaged in the manufacture of hardware. Well, that was until a few minutes …

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What often brings the smartwatch some new value that we were no longer on mobile?


When launched the first smartphone also had reservations, who would want such an expensive device that was what ultimately made ​​the rest of mobile phones: call and send messages. It is the paradigm that is created with each new gadget that launches. The tablets are great phones and why serves a smartwatch? Like all smart gadgets …

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The super retro emulator that connects a Game Boy a Zero Raspberry Pi and a modified cartridge

Game Boy a Zero Raspberry Pi

Undoubtedly one of the most legendary Nintendo consoles and all time is the Game Boy, which is considered the first approach to mobile experiences video game, his legacy has allowed millions of enthusiasts around the world are looking for spare parts for this console and cartridges and accessories, as able to play again …

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